Senior DevOps Engineer (Remote)


GitOPS (nice to have)

Ansible (junior)

API Gateway (regular)

IaC (advanced)

Amazon AWS (advanced)

Kitopi is the world’s leading tech-powered multi-brand restaurant. With a mission to satisfy the world’s appetite, Kitopi operates a portfolio of both invested and franchised F&B brands, serving as enablers in the food market by helping brands to grow and scale, both in the delivery and dine-in space.

We are a unicorn startup operating globally with roots in Dubai, but the Tech Talent Team is right there in Poland, Kraków.

We reached 90 employees and we're growing!

As a leading food-tech business, Kitopi’s growth has been largely fueled by its innovative and scalable software solutions.

Kitopi’s kitchens are powered by its proprietary Smart Kitchen Operating System (SKOS) - an in-house suite of applications that optimizes cloud kitchen operations in real-time.

As part of its growth roadmap, technological innovation, data science, artificial intelligence, and robotics will take center stage as Kitopi continues to reinvent the food industry as we know it today.

We are looking for engineers to join our DevOps team looking after our cloud infrastructure. Hand in hand with our developers we deliver new solutions from test environments to production .

We build self-healing systems. We prefer code and automation to manual work. We use best practices also in the area of infrastructure, such as Infrastructure as Code , Code Review, CI / CD, testing (e.g. chaos testing)

Apply if you have the knowledge of :

You will be a perfect match if you have an understanding of :

We are looking for engineers willing to work with the newest cloud solutions. We expect very good time and priority management skills and the ability to prepare a solution in many small chunks.

In our organization communication is crucial. We expect highly developed soft skills and the willingness to share your knowledge.

Perks & Benefits :

What the recruitment process looks like?

1️⃣ Phone screen with a People Team representative

2️⃣ Technical interview (ca. 90 min)

3️⃣ Bar raiser (30 minutes cultural fit)

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